An infection of the urinary tract that causes the body to produce urine and excrete it is called a urinary tract infection (UTI). Nowadays, the incidence of this disease is very high among girls. However, if we are a little careful, we can get rid of this disease.
Causes of urinary tract infection or UTI:
** In most cases bacteria (95%) and in some cases fungus, Proteus, Cabbageella, Pseudomonas are some of them.
** In addition, many may be due to allergies (seen to be temporary).
** Symptoms of UTI can be seen only if the germ stays in the urinary tract for a long time.
** Urinary tract infections are very common in girls. Because the length of the urethra of girls is short, the length of the urethra of girls is only 1.5 inches, while that of boys is 6 inches.
** Very close to the urethra and vagina of girls, many girls use dirty, ragged and dirty clothes during menstruation, infecting the vagina first and then the adjacent urethra.
** Girls are more prone to urinary retention, so urinary tract infections are more likely.
** Those who drink less water
** Those who have diabetes
** If the prostate gland is large
** For those over 60 years of age, those with low immunity.
1) Frequent urination
2) Feeling strong pressure to urinate
3) Pain, burning and unbearable feeling during urination
4) Pain in the lower abdomen normally or when pressed
5) Urine like thick foam or smelly
6) Fever with or without shivering
6) Nausea and vomiting
6) Pain in the middle of the side or back of the waist
9) Frequent waking up at night due to urinary pressure.
Ways to get rid of treatment / frequent urination
* Physicians use the following group of drugs as drug therapy, cephalosporins, levofoxacin, gatifoxacin, etc. – very good if caused by 98% effective bacteria.
* On the other hand, if it is due to fungus, you are given anti-fungal drugs as well as anti-fungal or corticosteroid cream to prevent itching, and if you have more pain, neurospasmic medicine is very comfortable. Immediate antibiotics should be given to the sexual partner at the same time to prevent recurrent infections.
* Herbal: Since it is caused by bacterial invasion, there is nothing but antibiotics that kill bacteria, but the following two drugs are approved by the WHO as a supplement and according to the latest research
– (Cranberry 750mg Extract Super Strength Tablet, which should be taken up to three times a day – Canberry Juice is a very fruitful fruit that will benefit from playing 3/4 cup a day, but is prohibited for those who have allergies.
Or you can take Bromelain 80 mg twice a day, but it is forbidden for children – (Barmulin is basically called pineapple – that is, pineapple syrup 2/3 times a day can be good benefits)
With proper treatment, UTI usually gets better in 2-3 days. However, those who have complicated UTIs (those who have recurrent UTIs, those whose sexual habits are not normal, as well as those with diabetes or other illnesses in which the body’s immune system is weakened, etc.) may take 1-2 weeks to get better. Antibiotics may also be used intravenously if needed. In that case you have to be hospitalized a lot of the time. Remember that relieving the symptoms of the disease does not mean curing the disease, you have to continue the treatment as long as the doctor tells you to continue the treatment. Complicated UTIs usually take 3-4 weeks.
Caution: It is forbidden to take any medicine without the advice of a registered physician.
Prevention of any disease is the best treatment. Here are some tips to prevent this disease-
1) Drink water and other liquids such as fruit juice, coconut water etc. repeatedly during the day. Water and other liquids keep the urinary tract clean by preventing infection and growth.
2) After using the bathroom, use the toilet tissue from front to back without bringing it from the back to the front – so that the germs from the rectum cannot enter the urinary tract and infect.
3) Must urinate before and after sexual intercourse – so that all the germs in the urethra are cleared. UTI starts after many people have intercourse. In that case anti-UTI antibiotics can be taken after intercourse as per the advice of the doctor.

So if you see the mentioned symptoms, seek the help of a doctor. A urologist may be the best consultant for you.
Remember, the first time a UTI is cured, there is a 20% chance of getting a second infection, the second time it gets better, there is a 30% chance of getting a third infection – thus increasing the chances. So practice prevention, consult a doctor at the right time and stay healthy.