Everyone looks at people with less intelligence with a little compassion. At some point you laugh at people with less intelligence. Some of your daily activities are unknowingly lowering your intelligence. Eating habits have a huge impact on your head.
Find out exactly what you are playing to reduce your intelligence-

Don’t be surprised, eating more sweets but your intelligence will decrease faster. Eating too much sugar reduces your memory and even your interest in learning something new. The head tends to work less.

Alcohol and cigarettes
Alcohol and cigarette intoxication also weaken memory. You should drink less alcohol and cigarettes. It can cause a lot of trouble in your memory.

Meat and butter
One study found that eating red meat and butter quickly reduced intelligence. This issue is for women. It has been found that women who regularly eat red meat and butter lose their memory quickly.

Fast food
Fast food alters the chemicals in the human brain. This results in frustration and anxiety among the people. These high-fat foods interfere with the release of a chemical called dopamine from the brain. Dopamine helps to increase our feelings of happiness and joy.

Salty foods
Excess salt is terrible for our body. It disrupts the normal state of the brain, as well as being harmful to the heart. Excessive salt intake interferes with our ability to think, research says. Not only that, the fear is that just as nicotine harms humans, so too can salty foods harm humans.